Audio Emma is my rock. I fall asleep listening to CP reading Emma; it’s so comforting and reassuring. I listen to it when I face challenges or just need to feel reassured. Thank you so much for doing this – I have such a much better understanding of what Emma meant, listening to you read her words out loud.


I am having a pretty rough day today and I put on my earphones and listened to chapters one, two, three and part of four as I cleaned my gutters and did some trimming in my yard today. It made a huge difference in how I feel and the direction of my thoughts. It kept me listening to Good and not dwelling on my apparent conditions. I thank you!

Much appreciation,

After many years of thinking I “should” be able to read Emma’s primary text, and giving it a good shot in a few classes on Emma’s Scientific Principles, this was the gateway that allowed Emma’s words to enter my cells. I love the ease in Colleen’s voice tone, and her tiny revisions to the original text, which make it more true for me. I can play the audio in the background while doing other things, and let it seep in.


What a delight to hear Colleen’s clear, articulate and interesting voice bringing forth the High and Holy Truths of Emma Curtis Hopkins. Colleen makes alive those words that were written many years ago, but have huge relevance today. I’m so appreciative for this audio version of one of my favorite books! Thank you Colleen! Now… how about another?

Rev. Sharon Ramey

I have been listening to your narration of Emma Curtis Hopkins’ Scientific Christian Mental Practice for some time, and am so grateful you have put your love, efforts and talents into making this happen.

I really enjoy the clarity you bring to the narration.

Some of the language is difficult to digest when reading it, and your voice helps me comprehend it so much better.

I love listening in my car, especially in traffic as it helps calm me.

Thank you for your labor of love.