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Emma Curtis Hopkins (who lived from 1849 to 1925) was a Christian mystic, known as the teacher of teachers in the New Thought theological movement, mentoring hundreds of spiritual leaders in North America and Europe throughout the decades she shared her opinions and biblical interpretations. By definition, as a Mystic, Emma enjoyed a level of being that reaches beyond normal human perception, in communion with a Divine Essence, an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Intelligence she called God.

Her intelligence was phenomenal – she is the epitome of a union between science and spirituality; she enjoyed an early understanding of quantum physics. As you’ll hear, she refers to scientific information known to few at the time she wrote Scientific Christian Mental Practice. She was also an ardent feminist, understanding that in order to find respect from the men in charge was to speak their erudite language. In her lifetime it’s said she ordained many – perhaps hundreds – of women to enhance their presence and power in churches everywhere.

Because of her extraordinary groundbreaking leadership and devotion to enlightening and lifting  the awareness of Spiritual essence and power whereever she went, many have approached her work with near antiseptic reverence – and since she was a gifted, male-educated intellectual, when you read her words on the written page, her writing can feel cold and distant.

But the woman herself was down to earth, nurturing and supportive. She was a wife and mother. Ernest Holmes described her as warm and gracious.

This audio book series came about when I read her work aloud in a class – listeners commented that my reading her aloud gave them a new insight and understanding of her words.

Then I thought you may also understand her work in a more human, more empathetic and caring way as you hear it read aloud – even through her sophisticated vocabulary and complex, intricate writing. She has a sense of humor and is even a little snarky at times. Clearly, her emotions are involved in her writing – partly because I believe she so sincerely wants you to understand what she’s saying; she is certain her concepts can help you advance and grow in every aspect of your life. She yearns for you to comprehend and use what she says to better your life.

After all, the effectiveness of her 12-step manifesting and healing practice she created depends on experiencing your emotions; she called this process the 12 doctrines of Jesus Christ.  Yes, she created the original 12 step program – which is said to later be emulated and modified by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Her primary belief: there is a good for you – and you ought to have it. That whatever your good is, in fact, is God. Your God.  That there is a good for everyone – and everyone ought to have it.

The key to accessing the good in our lives – at any and all levels – is dependent upon our understanding the extraordinary power of our mind working in unison with the omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent mind of God. To quote Emma herself:

Emma Curtis Hopkins books as read by Colleen Patrick

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“There is one indestructible substance pervading all things – from the remotest star to the nearest dust particle. It can only be cognized by the mind, and only the understanding power of the mind … can make it useful.  He who by any manner  handles this substance … and realizes its nature … as his nature soon finds himself experiencing vital renewal throughout body and mind.”

As soon as you realize that the power of your mind and how it works in conjunction with Spirit, which she explains, you’ve found the key to accessing your good – whatever your particular good feels and looks like.

If you want to fully understand her concepts, the process and Spiritual power she describes to enhance your life, I suggest you read her book along with me. Links are provided on our website to help you find them.

For some listeners, her references to Jesus Christ may be off-putting. If that’s the case, it’s been suggested that you substitute the word love or spirit when you hear the name. Purists, however say suck it up and understand that as a Christian mystic, as much as she spoke of the vast intelligence of God, Jesus Christ created the phenomenal earthly practice she describes….

In Scientific Christian Mental Practice .. by Emma Curtis Hopkins.


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