Writer-director-producer Colleen Patrick lives by the words of Confucius: “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

     In addition to making feature, short and documentary films, Colleen is a voice talent; she narrates her audio book THE 100% SOLUTION and other books for Books In Motion Publications as well as books and other works written by Emma Curtis Hopkins.

     Her website, http://colleenpatrick.com, draws many readers because Colleen is a well-known camera acting and writing coach in the Northwest.

     A busy public speaker, she conducts workshops helping participants with subjects ranging from creating a Personal Business Plan, an Artist’s Business Plan, writing, screenwriting, directing, public speaking, and problem-solving based on her book The 100% Solution.

     She has written, produced and directed documentaries, some 16 short narrative films, including the official Academy Award submission LIFE AS ART, before tackling her first feature, The Whole Truth (http://thewholetruththemovie.com), a comedy starring Elisabeth Röhm, Sean Patrick Flanery, John Fugelsang and Eric Roberts.

     She is former President and International Liaison of Women In Film/Seattle.

     She is a member of the notable NYC Friars Club.

     Colleen is a former radio, TV and newspaper journalist, working most recently at The Seattle Times as its ombudsman, writing weekly columns as a Reader Advocate.

     A deeply spiritual person, Colleen is a fan of the works of Emma Curtis Hopkins.

     Colleen enjoys nature, Coronation Street, writing, playing piano, singing, target shooting, x-country skiing, hiking, music of every stripe and meditating. She lives in North Seattle with her three Pomeranians, an Allie Cat and two chickadee families who nest in bird houses attached to her home.